When you do your kitchen renovations Melbourne will be your colour palette

Why are we all afraid of a little colour? Bringing colour in to your home is a way to express yourself, your personal flavour and taste, and to be a little original. When you go about kitchen renovations  should be your inspiration. The colourful street art in City Laneways, the blue sea and purple and orange summer skies, the green and yellow trams, and the pastel flowers of the botanical gardens.

There is no need to stick to black, white and grey, overdone stainless steel or safe and boring tiles and splash backs. Colour is the new modern and if you love the place you live in than you must love a little colour in your life too.

I am not saying that your kitchen renovations should be fluoro pink and sparkled walls but it can’t hurt to get a pop of colour like a Mediterranean blue or red, a Tuscan orange or a mellow yellow in your kitchen. For more and more colour, look here http://www.naturalstonetiles.com.au/