Fairy Parties for a 5 Year Old

Pre School age kids love the magic of fairies and it is a favourite party theme for this age group.

Here are some ideas to get you started-

The perfect time period for a celebration for this age group is around 2 hours. A perfect amount of children is about 8-10. A typical strategy for your day would entail the following.

Welcome children and allow some time for them to grapple together with each other before the fun starts. You could ask kids to come dressed in a fairy costume or you might provide some easy dress ups. This can be an action in itself and will keep them amused whilst waiting for all to arrive! Additionally, it alleviates the contest of who’s come to the party in the most adorable fairy dress! A set of wings and an elasticized skirt for each guest is all that is needed and possibly some capes if you can find boys in the party. Allow around 15 minutes to this and then keep the party moving!

Start having a quiet activity like decorating a fairy wand or necklace. Provide wooden wands for decorating with glitter and glue, stickers or any sparkly bits and pieces. A fairy necklace could be made with some string or thread and items like cut up straws, beads, patty pans or anything sparkly having a hole in it! All these are easy activities to supply materials for. These activities are also suitable for children within this age category as most will have the fine motor skills to finish this without a lot of adult intervention! Allow 20 minutes to half an hour to this action.

Put on some Fairy dancing music and supply scarves for swishing and dance! This age group usually love to dance and it can be a little bit of an ice breaker too. Some fairy lights also set the scene. It’s also an activity where guests can make their own pleasure and doesn’t need a lot of organising. Allow 15 minutes for this action.

Time to feed the fairies! They will be hungry by now but do not go overboard- a few easy finger foods such as Fairy bread, cupcakes, and also two or three savoury items are lots. Allow 20 minutes for meal time!

Other actions that could be contained time permitting are:

A game of Musical Mushrooms. Large mushroom shapes created from cardboard and painted red with white spots are scattered around. Use exactly the same concept as musical chairs- if the music ceases, fairies must discover a mushroom to sit on. The last one is outside until there is only one fairy abandoned.

Throw the celebrity on the batter. Using the same concept as ‘Pin the tail on the donkey‘. Blindfold and watch who gets the star the nearest to the peak of the wand.

Pass the Parcel (a parcel wrapped numerous times-when the music stops the child holding the parcel unwraps a coating).

Offer bubbles for bubble blowing fairy fun!
Allow 20 minutes for some of the above.

Once the excitement of the festivities is a bit more subdued, possess the guests sit in a circle so that the birthday child can unwrap their presents and thank every child separately. It is quite a bit more civilised way as it will get a little chaotic when guests are coming and the birthday kid is attempting to unwrap gifts and greet their guests in precisely the exact same moment. Allow 10minutes.

Then it’s time to cut the birthday cake. This might be eaten and candy afterwards or taken home. Allow 10 minutes for this and then the birthday kid can give out the party bags.

This is simply a guide for a super fun fairy party. Be ready to be flexible. First and foremost take the time to appreciate your little person’s special day too.