Everyone Is Welcome At Shared Accommodation

Geelong is a beautiful city using a solid scenic beauty. It provides great shopping centres, excellent bars and excellent cuisines. The city looks so beautiful in the day, with all those artificial fountains and lights that you may spend the entire day, just sitting on the sidewalk cafes at CBD and watching the audience. People here are also very friendly. They are always keen to assist you if you happen to get in some trouble, being fresh in town.

People of Geelong like to laugh and party. The truth of this statement is reflected in how the city has several comedy clubs, bars and pubs. There are various events which are organized at different venues, all around the year. Everybody is welcome there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local or not. Locating a share accommodation in Geelong can be a tricky job if you don’t understand some locals there. The reason is that lots of people don’t trust tourists and wait to give their homes on lease to a stranger. However, a little persuasion can do just fine for you.